Half a million Airbnb homes in Asia-Pacific being shared with the world

Airbnb has hit a milestone in Asia-Pacific with 500,000 listings offered to travellers from all over the world. As Asia-Pacific becomes increasingly important in the global travel landscape, this statistic is also a testament to the exponential rate at which home-sharing has grown over the past few years.

Half a million Airbnb homes in Asia-Pacific being shared with the world

“At Airbnb, we have created a platform to help people belong. Our host community plays a huge part in exciting and inspiring travellers to have a local and authentic experience”, says Parin Mehta, Regional Director of Host and Community, Asia-Pacific. “We see this as a global phenomenon, where people from different countries want to get to know each other, making the world a smaller place.”

Airbnb has been a global platform since 2008 with Asia-Pacific the fastest growing region. An increased trend towards home sharing was a vital contributor to this explosive growth, where the number of listings in the region grew 5x since 2012. Airbnb has welcomed more than 150 million total guests since inception, with Japan and Australia occupying top slots in the global top 10 destinations ranking around the world. Particularly impressive is the data which shows that one in three of all Airbnb guests visiting Asia travel to Japan.

Home-sharing helps grow and diversify tourism, spreading benefits to communities and local businesses outside of tourist hotspots. It also gives local hosts a chance to share the love for their city, along with recommendations and deepen the understanding of different cultures and way of life.

Meet some of the Airbnb hosts who are helping curious travellers fall in love with Asia-Pacific, one of the most diverse region in the world.


Din is married with two kids and what drew him to purchasing this home is the good food that you can buy along the street. He lives by this motto “fill the tummy and make me happy”. A happy-go-lucky local, he enjoys hosting and uses the extra money for his youngest child who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. He once helped out a Chinese guest who lost their passport. As the embassy was closed due to the holidays, Din hosted them for free. Also, Din loves kids, who bought a dinosaur stuffed toy for one of the toddlers staying in his home.


Hyung-shik, previously worked in the construction and broadcast industry, before suffering from a cerebral infarction forcing him into early retirement. After opening up his home on Airbnb, Hyung-shik shares that the interaction with their guests helped him overcome the emotional effects of his condition.
“I was able to find my old self and remember that life is not simply about food, clothing and shelter. My wife and I treasure this second job of ours.”
Visit Hyung-shik’s listing here.


Nalin, is one of the first Superhost from New Delhi and has started hosting since 2012, where guests compliments his locally designed apartment in the hip and trendy part of the city, with one traveller explaining ‘There’s not enough positive adjectives to describe Nalin and the lengths he’ll go to to help you out’.
Nalin lives by the saying of Atithi Devi Bhava: ‘the guest is equivalent to God’.
Visit Nalin’s listing here.


Ikuko won Airbnb Japan’s host award last year. After moving to Kamiyama, one of the cities in rural Tokushima, in 2013, she renovated a former sake brewery & bar and became an Airbnb host. Since then, Ikuko has been showing travellers the beautiful mountain scenery of the surrounding areas, and introducing them to the village’s small but vibrant community.
Ikuko says: ‘Hosting on Airbnb enriches your life through providing Omotenashi to guests…hosting from the heart.’

Visit Ikuko’s listing here.

1 in 3 of all Airbnb guests visiting Asia travel to/in Japan. Globally, 1 out of every 30 Airbnb guests visits Japan (3.3% of guests).

Graeme is a 69 year old Superhost who lives on the Gold Coast. Married to his wife Vivien for over 40 years, they relocated from Melbourne over six years ago to enjoy the Gold Coast’s great weather and relaxed outdoor lifestyle.
Graeme has been an Airbnb host since 2012, and recently reached his own Airbnb milestone: hosting his 200th guest over Christmas.


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