AEON Partners with dtac to Launch Smartphone Tablet Selling Center at AEON PATIO through dtac Online Store

AEON Partners with dtac to Launch Smartphone Tablet Selling Center at AEON PATIO through dtac Online Store

AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited, one of the leading retail finance company, partners with Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac, the top telecommunication service in Thailand, to launch the new nationwide service at AEON PATIO. Exclusively for AEON cardholders, they will be able to purchase any smartphones or tablets with 0% interests for 10 months installments and / or 0.89% interests for 12 months installments.

“This collaboration with dtac is offering the first online channel for AEON. It is one of the most important milestones for AEON to provide new services to meet the demands of our cardholders, and also the convenient, fast and safety according to our “Customer Centric” strategy. I strongly believe that this exclusive offers will comply with the customers’ lifestyle as well.” said Mr. Nuntawat Chotvijit, Executive Director of Marketing of AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

“Currently, AEON has new branch called “AEON PATIO” to be more modern and offers a variety of new services to suit each and every customer’s lifestyle. Over 30 branches are now open to service in nationwide and will expand to cover all branches in the near future. The launch of dtac Online Store at AEON PATIO, is just one of the services to provide online shopping for AEON cardholders to purchase smartphones or tablets. Once AEON’s cardholders purchasing over THB3,000, they will receive a special offers 0% interests for 10 months installments and/or 0.89% interests for 12 months installments.”

Tim Jacobus Lambertus Maria Verouden, Senior Vice President – Internet Services Division, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, stated “With ‘Best in Digital Services’ strategy, dtac is committed to bringing digital service innovation to serve our customer’s need in data usage and Internet surfing, as well as offering telecommunication quality internet devices. From the market research, dtac Online Store sees emerging opportunities in purpose loan customers who apparently want to buy a smartphone or tablet on installments. With this new reach out to our new customer base, AEON Member card holders will enjoy shopping through our convenient, fast, and secured online channel. dtac is the first and the only operator that extends online shopping services to purpose loan customers in achieving Omni Channel strategy that penetrates the market through all physical and digital channels. dtac puts a great effort in combining all pieces together. Customers can access dtac online store from anywhere and anytime for our products and services. Our partnership with the leading AEON, the leading retail finance Credit Services Company, gives us confidence in the success of this new service that can serve the real need of our target customers. With the innovative service and business alliance, dtac aims to achieve 30% increase in sales by the end of this year from first half of the year.”

For more information and receive a special offers, please visit “AEON PATIO” in nationwide from today till October 31st, 2015

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