Sealect Tuna Attracts Half Million Thais with Samples of Fresh Tuna Menus

Sealect Tuna

Sealect Tuna

Sealect Tuna Attracts Half Million Thais with Samples of Fresh Tuna Menus at Tesco and Big-C Appealing to Modern Homemakers with Easy-to-prepare Tuna Dishes

Sealect TunaThailand’s leading canned tuna brand brought to you by Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF); the world’s number one tuna processor and seafood expert kicks off nationwide marketing campaigns to promote the health of Thai people with introductions to the freshest deep sea tuna. Sealect Tuna will be offering at least 500,000 free samples at over 100 branches of Tesco Lotus and Big-C supermarkets nationwide from26th June to 9th July. To top off the offers, with every 159 Baht purchase of Sealect Tuna products at our sampling booths, the shopper will receive a specially-made recipe booklet with 10 simple and easy to prepare yet healthy and yummy tuna dishes one can enjoy every day.

Ms. Supattra Kuratana, Managing Director of T-Holding Company Limited, a marketing and distributing arm of ‘Sealect Tuna’, under Thai Union Frozen Products Public Company Limited (TUF), said “We favorably recognized public reception of our recently launched ‘Sealect Secret’ television commercial to boost target consumer awareness that ‘Sealect Tuna’ is fresh and highly nutritious because it is sourced from only the deep seas”.

“To continue with our marketing venture, we are currently offering sales promotions for consumers who may not yet have tried Sealect Tuna with taste samples freshly prepared with Sealect Tuna that is guaranteed 100% free of preservatives and processed with highest international food safety and quality standards”.

The sales promotions will be held at Tesco Lotus and Big-C outlets nationwide from 26th June to 9th July 2014 with limited supplies of special tuna recipe cookbook , free for buyers only at the Sealect Tuna sampling booths.

The campaign aims to reach more than 500,000 consumers to try samples of signature Sealect Tuna Omelettes which is expected to be trial in many households across the country.
The most outstanding attributes of Sealect Tuna which set it apart from all other competitors are its fresh firm meat and a globally recognized product quality standard
Sealect Tuna’s core target group is female, aged 25 – 49, A and B demographical income living in urban areas with city lifestyle.
Tuna never stops moving, they are always in motion and able to swim across an entire ocean, thus tuna’s demand for oxygen is high. They are considered a great source of natural food, less susceptible to contamination from pollution. Every can of  ‘Sealect tuna’ is packed with nutritious firm tuna meat and so convenient to enjoy every day.

Tuna from deep seas are high in protein and easier to digest than land-based meats. It is also a good source of the “good” fat – polyunsaturated fat that helps lower cholesterol in human blood vessels which can cause heart diseases. The polyunsaturated fat in Tuna is Omega-3 fatty acids especially DHA which contributes to prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and assist in functions of the brain.

Mrs. Supattra added, “Our premium products are available as Sealect Tuna in Brine, Sealect Tuna in Soya Oil, Sealect Tuna in Mineral Water, Sealect Tuna in Sunflower Oil, Sealect Tuna Green Curry, Sealect Tuna Masman and Sealect Tuna Panaeng – all of which are sure to appeal to genuine Thai taste preference either as it is or as a main ingredient, readily available today at retails stores nationwide.”


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