Solutions Brushing up with Genex – The Annual software Training at Phuket 2014

Genex Solutions

Genex Solutions

BangkokGenex Solutions: Genex Solutions is pleased to announce that, the registration is now available for “Solutions Brushing up with Genex”, annual training session held from 9th to 12th June 2014, at Chanalai Hillside Resort Phuket. The main focus of the Summit will be on the overall review of all the Solutions with a special emphasis on the newly added features of the products including Infor HMS, Carmen and POS software.

Training Sessions will be conducted by the solution experts from Genex solutions, covering the effective application of all the software features and functionalities in the day to day operations.

This exclusive invitation is available only for two seats per property with a “first come first serve” Registration basis. We highly recommend your participation in this event since, it is offered only to a limited number of customers. The training session will cost 2000 Baht per day for the property (Two person/ Property).

Registration process

Registration can be done by filling the registration form which, should be returned to Genex Solutions within 5th June 2014, by e-mail at: For any further questions, please contact Miss Vasawadee (Aoy) 02-284-1234 (ext 812). For more information Visit website:

Bangkok/27 May 2014/Genex Solutions


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