Exotic Caipiroskas Cocktail Promotions at Moon Bar and Latitude Lounge Bar


Caipiroska – Caipivodka

BangkokBanyan Tree Bangkok: “Caipiroska” also known as Caipivodka, is one of the most popular drinks of Brazil. Although it originates from South America but has become a favourite and a must have in beverage list worldwide.

It is a refreshing and friendly drink, traditionally made using vodka, sugar and lime, best enjoyed in hot climates. From now until June, it will be featured in most classic form and a variety of different local exotic flavours such as Mangosteen, Mango, Watermelon and Pomelo just to name a few with a selection of tasty skewers to go along at our open-air venues Moon Bar and Latitude Lounge & Bar at

Banyan Tree Bangkok
Open daily
Moon Bar : 5.00 pm. – 1.00 am.
Latitude Lounge & Bar : 5.00 pm. – 1.00 am.
(Located on 52nd Floor)
(Opening hours is subject to weather conditions)
For more information and reservations please contact: 0 2679 1200

Bangkok/27 May 14/Banyan Tree Bangkok


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